Website Booking Temporarily via the Email Us form

We are making massive changes to our website. These changes involve upgrading the software used for making the website. It also involves stopping our manually operated online system for bookings and starting an automated online system for bookings with compulsory advance online payment.

While making these changes, we had to disable the form that was being used to collect online booking requests from our patients. Therefore, until our new automated online booking system starts, patients can make booking request through our Email Us form even though this form is not meant to be used for booking purposes. But patients must strictly follow the rules given below while usiong the Email Us form for requesting bookings:

1. Patients must write their full name in the Name field of the Email Us form

2. Patients must write their email address and mobile number without mistakes in the fields given for this information.

3. In the message field, the patients should include the following details:

     i) the name of the doctor they want to consult

     ii) the date and approximate time they prefer for the consultation.

If you want to consult Dr Kulkarni, you cannot insist on an urgent date (same day that we read your request or the very next working day after it.) So please be flexible about date if you want to consult Dr Kulkarni and provide non-urgent dates in your preference. Please also remember that the time given to you is only a rough estimate of when to reach the clinic. You will have to wait if your turn is yet to come.

     iii) The branch where you want to meet the doctor. Dr Kulkarni currently works from 9 am to 1:30 pm at the Old Panvel branch of Alok Clinic and from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the New Panvel branch of Alok Clinic. if you want to meet other doctors, find out their working hours at both our branches by calling us.

     iv) The patient's registration number which they can find written above their names in their previous rescriptions from us. If patient has misplaced his/her previous prescriptions and forgotten the registration number, he/she should clearly write that the registration number has been forgotten. If the patient cannot provide a registration number because he/she has never consulted our doctors before, he/she should clearly write that they are an entirely new patient.

Registration number and phone number are not the same thing. Please don't write your phone number as your registration number.

     v) The patient's age and whether the patient is male or female

     vi) The name of the city/town/village where the patient lives

4. If there are two or more patients who want to come together, then the Email Us form must be submitted separately for each patient. Also, the message field of each person's request must clearly state that these patients want to come together.

5. Patients must use the Email Us form only to request bookings for consultations, not procedures. To book a procedure, please call the clinic.

If you send us a booking request through the Email Us form without following the rules above, we will not respond to your request.

Please also note that facilities like Live Status and other information on our website may not work properly or be unavailable until our new automated online booking system is ready.

New Branch of Alok Clinic to start soon

We are happy to announce that we are going to start a new branch of Alok Clinic at the following address:

Alok Clinic, Plot 46, Sector 1(S), Near Balaji Mandir, Behind Cidco Office, New Panvel (E), Navi Mumbai 410206

The new clinic will be equipped with lots of modern diagnostic and treatment modalities for better patient care.

With the help of our associate dermatoligists, both old and new clinics will be practically open throughout the day, 6 days a week. We expect the new premises to open by the end of May.

New Panvel Consultation Bookings

As you are well aware that Dr. Dipak Kulkarni is available at Diabetes Care Clinic, New Panvel on Thursdays between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

We are using a completely software based system with computerised records and printouts in Alok Clinic in Old Panvel. Recently we have started similar facility at New Panvel, too.

To ease up the bookings and completing entries on computer, we have started giving bookings for New Panvel from our old Panvel phone numbers only (27451143, 27462620, 9220892016). The bookings will be available on Wednesday (i.e. previous day) from 5 pm onwards.

Patients are requested to note this change and cooperate.

Dr Priyanka Gadge rejoins Alok Clinic

Dr Priyanka Gadge (MBBS, DDV), who used to work for Alok Clinic in the past, has rejoined the clinic. She is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 9 am and 1 pm. Patients interested in booking a consultation or procedure with Dr Gadge may call us or submit an online request.

GME Linscan 808 Diode machine for Hair Reduction now available in Alok Clinic

Linscan 808 DiodeLinscan 808 Diode laser (Manufactured by GME Germany) for Light Assisted Hair Reduction now made available in Alok Clinic.

The conventional Diode lasers were good for thick hair and fair skin. But were proving painful for Indian type of skin and less effective for thinner hair. But Linscan is much advanced machine.

Due to its linear scanning technique in LINSCAN, as well as inbuilt  'Motion Control Technology', the machine is much safer, painless as well as more effective than conventional machines. Excellent cooling adds to the reduction of pain. It has special settings to treat thinner hair. It has speed, which enables us to treat large areas to be treated in a relatively short time.
We already have an Intense Pulse Light System (JAG VPL) for last few years, which will now be useful for some patients desiring to take economical treatments. We also do Electroblend, which is old yet unique treatment for patients esp. of white hair. It is also useful if patient has just few hair strands and does not want to spend a lot for light assisted treatments. 
So, Alok Clinic has become a unique clinic where all the three modalities of hair reduction are available.

Bookings via WhatsApp to Stop from 1st October

Please note that Alok Clinic will stop offering bookings for all consultations and procedures via WhatsApp from 1st October. To request a booking via online means from October, patients will have to use our Request a Booking form.

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